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kailash trek

Yatri Testimonials

  • Jyotsna- Kailash YatraTo go on this sacred pilgrimage is to go on the journey of your lifetime! As we arrived into Nepal we spent our first few days in Kathmandu. We had the opportunity to experience the intriguing beauty of Nepal, with its unique art forms and beautiful architecture. It was fascinating to see how the Hindus and Buddhist peacefully live together in this country. As we started on our journey to Tibet the landscape went from dense thick valleys to barren land, pristine blue lakes and snow capped peaks glistening like gold in the sunlight. read more

    - Jyotsna Patel
  • Jayni- Kailash YatraTraveling through the lush green mountain valley of the Nepal Himalayas, we made the journey through remote areas of Tibet towards the site of our Yatra. Although much of the journey to and through Tibet proved to be arduous with narrow mountain passages, bumpy unpaved roads, and the increasing altitude, I was blown away by the immense landforms and variegated landscape that surrounded us. After arrival to high-altitude freshwater holy Lake Manasarovar, we performed a morning Havan Puja on the banks of the sparkling lake, with Mount Kailash visible in the distance. read more

    - Jayni
  • jan faddenThe connections we all made and the sure commitment we all shared was a treasure. As I reflect back I am grateful to everyone, especially Lina. In native American tradition the highest compliment one can give is to say "I trust you" and I so trusted you from the beginning to the very end.

    - Jan Fadden, Santa Barbara, California
  • asha patelOne Day 2 of Parikrama, I was ready to turn around and had given up all hopes of completing the journey, signals from Lord Shiva came as Sagar and Lina encouraged me. I was so happy they gave us to pep talk to continue

    - Asha Patel, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • nisha patelAs followed in Lina’s footsteps, we took twenty steps, then rested for a few moments. Twenty more steps, and we rested again. Again and again, until we finally made it! We sang, we shared our inner most thoughts, and we encouraged one another until we reached the top. I felt every emotion from sorrow to exhilaration.

    - Nisha Patel, Chicago, IL
  • doug There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like this trek. It is a pilgrimage not a vacation. It is in the middle of no where on the north western portion of Tibet near the north eastern border of Nepal and India. It's a journey into the depths of Nature and Spirit. It breaks the human down and makes one open and raw to the uniqueness of the human spirit, the grandiose power of nature, the physical and bodily limitations, boundaries, and survival capabilities, and interesting chambers of the mind. It is powerful.

    There is no doubt that one will be changed and transformed by this trip - brighter spirits, more energy, greater fortune, and an unique perspective on life that is only obtained through this experience. The adventurer will walk away with incredibly deep friendships, powerful memories of the immense landscape (ranging from sand dunes to yak graze land, lakes to snow peaked mountains, and small villages to vast deserted land), and a renewed understanding of the power of spirit.

    Don't miss out on a great opportunity to look inward on life via an extraordinary journey through the vast nature of western tibet.

    - Doug